Infant Sleeper? – What You Need To Consider

Having a new baby is a joy and a pleasure, but sleeping habits can change and in some cases have to change. Co-sleeping has been a good solution since the year dot but is it good for your kids? There is a lot to know about infant sleepers but here is some general advice.

The number one priority when looking for a new baby bed is safety but there are a few other important things to consider as well:

  • Know How Much You Want to Spend on a Baby Bed

First and foremost set your budget. Like most baby things, an infant sleeper can be low-cost or expensive. Babies cost money; we all know that and maybe upping your budget a little will get you the right sleep solution to meet the needs of you and baby.

Halo Bassinet Sleeper

There it is, that most important phrase of all “Meet the needs”.

When choosing a newborn bed it is not all about sleep.

Practicality is a huge factor and it must be considered.

For example, for some families to be able to bring the bed from one room or even one city to another is important.

You may find everything you want in something like the Halo Bassinet Sleeper but because it is not very portable, it has quite a downside for someone who needs that.

  • Size is Important and Matters

Another important factor to consider is the weight of your baby.

Some cribs and newborn beds have somewhat restrictive weight ranges, especially at the cheaper end of the scale. If a baby is not comfortable, he or she will not sleep well and this means neither will you.

The second reason why baby weight is important is safety.

Carrying or supporting baby beside your bed can be unsafe if he is too heavy.  In addition, the mattress of some cribs can be flimsy for heavier babies and this makes sleeping uncomfortable.  The cheaper infant sleepers often fall short on mattress strength and comfort as well as the firmness of solid walls.

Size matters, it is not just about the weight of your baby.

For example a travel sleeper can provide on the go convenience that many moms are looking for but is may lack the rigidity that safe cribs should have. The reason for this is that all baby beds are designed for different purposes and very often one benefit has to give way for another to take its place.

Remember, your baby will grow rapidly in the first few months and choosing a bed with this in mind is important. It is often wise to look at a crib that is a little bit bigger than newborn to allow for growth. The length of the infant sleeper is just as important as the strength.

What is The Best Infant Sleeper For Your Baby?

Only you as a parent will really know the answer.

At the end of the day it is all about a good sleep, and because babies and infants require plenty of it careful decisions must be made. In some cases, it may mean that you have two baby beds, one for home use and the other for traveling.

I remember how I continually checked on our baby to see if he was sleeping or even just breathing. I was scared of baby falling off the bed as well.

Choosing the right infant sleeper will reduce some of the worries and it is worthwhile taking some time on researching to get a good one. You could make a list of things that would make baby co-sleeping easier and it is always worthwhile speaking to other parents about this, especially if you are a first-time parent.