Choosing The Right Bassinet Mattress For Your Baby

Nobody wants their baby sleeping on a bassinet mattress that’s uncomfortable or unsafe. Sleep is very important to both babies and their parents. The more uncomfortable the mattress is, the more your baby will wake up in the middle of the night. Which means less sleep for mama too.

Safety is really an important thing to take into consideration when looking for a mattress for your baby’s bassinet.

Studies have been showing that some of the materials baby products are made from can be toxic. They can affect your baby’s brain health as well as their growth. Although your baby will only use their bassinet for a short while, choosing the right mattress is extremely important.

Mattress Thickness and Comfortability

Most bassinet mattresses seem too thin and uncomfortable, but there is a good reason for that.

According to ASTM (The American Society for Testing and Materials), a thicker, softer mattress can increase the chances of SIDS. ASTM suggests that the crib mattress should be firm and no more than 1 inch thick. However, that doesn’t mean there are no comfortable options.

There are no official rules stating that you cannot purchase a thicker mattress, but it is safer. So, if you decide to choose a crib mattress that’s a bit thicker, make sure you don’t over-do it.

There are different materials that you can choose from as well. The foam mattresses with vinyl coverings are easy to use and popular, but the vinyl sometimes makes noise which can affect your baby’s sleep.

I personally like cloth coverings because I think they are more comfortable for a baby, but they’re also slightly harder to clean. The truth is, the best way to tell if the mattress will be comfortable is to feel it and judge for yourself.

Choosing a Bassinet Mattress Rule 1:

  • Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Did you know some materials contain chemicals that can affect your baby’s brain health?

It’s extremely important for you to know what your mattress is made from.

Most foam mattresses emit vapors that contain harmful chemicals. In fact, these vapors have been known to increase the chances of SIDS, asthma, and allergies. Try your best to stay away from foam.

There are bassinet mattresses that are made from organic cotton fabric. The filling inside them is made from organic materials as well, making them perfectly safe and healthy for infants.

Try to Choose Something That’s Easy to Keep Clean

Keeping your baby’s bedding clean is a big part of making sure the bassinet is a safe place for the baby.

If the mattress is harder to clean, bacteria may get left behind and possibly cause your baby to get sick.

Although a crib mattress with a cloth covering may be a bit more comfortable, they’re also harder to keep clean. If the baby’s diaper leaks during the night onto a cloth bassinet cover, they probably won’t be able to use it for the rest of the night either.

So, choosing a mattress for your baby’s bassinet that is waterproof is probably a good way to go. I used to think that if it’s waterproof it’s probably not organic, but that’s not true. You can find good organic mattresses that are also waterproof if you’re ready to pay the price.

Making A Decision

When you have narrowed your mattress search down to a few possibilities, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the mattress too soft or thick?
  2. Do the materials used to make it contain harmful chemicals?
  3. Is it made from organic material?
  4. Will this mattress be easy to keep clean?
  5. Does it make a lot of noise when the baby moves around?
  6. Is this the safest choice?

Another great way to ensure your choosing the right bassinet mattress is to look up parent reviews before you purchase it. The crib mattress may meet all your requirements, but it may not be as good as it sounds once you start using it. See what other parents have said about actually using it. Were they happy with the mattress? Was it easy to clean? Does the material bounce back after the baby’s been laying in it?  Remember, you should never sacrifice your baby’s safety for his comfort. The one question you should always be asking yourself is, “Is this the safest bassinet mattress for my baby?”