About Me & My Hectic Life

I am the mother of two beautiful boys.

Two beautiful, loud, rambunctious boys who often argue with each other more times a day than I can count.

Although I do some freelance work from home, I’m basically a stay at home mom and housewife. It’s needless to say that my whole world revolves around my children…and I mean that in every sense.

I lay my two boys down to go to sleep at about 8 o’clock at night, but like most children they try to find any reason to stay awake. The next hour or so is filled with countless drinks of water, trips to the bathroom, and random conversations that just couldn’t wait until morning.

Once they’re finally asleep, I try to steal a little time for myself which usually means a relaxing shower, my favorite television show, or quality time with my husband.

However, my “me time” often gets interrupted by my youngest son waking up because of the 20 cups of water he requested after I had already laid him down. Once I have finally fallen asleep my youngest son will sneak into my bed without making a sound, but once he’s cuddled up under the sheets he whips around like he’s competing in a gymnastics competition in his sleep.

I wake up and immediately make breakfast for my oldest son while he talks at a pace that my sleep deprived brain can’t keep up with at seven in the morning.

Then I get him showered, dressed, and off to school. The rest of my day is spent cleaning, doing laundry, and taking care of my youngest son who doesn’t start school until next year.

After 2:30 my day gets hectic.

I juggle helping my oldest son with his homework, preparing dinner, keeping my youngest son entertained, while playing referee to whatever silly fights they may be getting into in between all of this.

Sometimes I get tired, and lose my patience.

Sometimes I feel like there is no “me” beyond the word “mommy”.

I’m not perfect, and neither are my children.

But anytime I start to feel like that, I’m reminded that there is love and precious moments among all the chaos and confusion.

I’ll walk into the living room and find my oldest son cuddled up to his little brother reading a book to him. Suddenly, all that chaos and frustration melts away.

I watch my oldest son from my car as he consoles a little boy in kindergarten scared to start school, and I realize that I’m proud of the person he’s growing into. When my kids turn to me and say that they love me for no reason at all, I feel such a sense of pure happiness that I wish I could exist in that moment forever. These small moments make every second of frustration and chaos worth it to me.

I am the mother of two beautiful, loud, rambunctious boys.

Some days will be great and some days will be tough to get through, but that’s okay. As long as I’m their mom, it will always be worth it. 🙂