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    “The dou (Perron and Staton), has devised ingenious ways to involve small children in yoga classes. Why use the traditional yoga prop, the sandbag, when a baby will do just as well? … attendees lie on their backs with their knees drawn up and place Baby on their shins… to stretch their lower backs.”

    “Through these (Baby Om ) exercises, the babies establish a physical connection with their mothers beyond being carried…for them its like play, and the mothers get to connect with – and restore- their post pregnancy bodies through a series of gentle asanas.” “…the new moms leave feeling strong , aligned, energized, but not physically exhausted.”

    “…When mothers Laura Staton and Sarah Perron couldn’t find a baby Friendly yoga class in Manhattan, they developed their own: Baby Om, in which mothers practice yoga poses cleverly adapted to include newbies though one year olds. The duo now make their postpartum fitness program available nationwide…”

    “If you are like most new mothers, your infant isn’t the only new thing in your life. Your body, too, is unfamiliar. Baby Om yoga, a variation on traditional yoga that incorporates babies in poses, or asanas, is a restorative and gentle way to acquaint yourself with both.”

Our next (and last!) Training will be June 3rd & 4th, 2017