Why Using a Breathable Crib Mattress is Good for Your Baby?

Did you know that a typical baby can sleep for 16-17 hours a day?

The little angels love to go into their fantasy world, and there is no strict sleeping pattern for babies – they can go to sleep whenever and wherever they want to….yeah, they are ultra-lucky!

The good crib plays a pivotal role since it is where a child spends most of his time, but the daunting task for parents is not finding the right crib, but the mattress in it!

Do you agree that finding the best crib mattress for your baby can be challenging? There are so many questions that come to mind such as safety, bacteria, germs, bed mites, versatility, firmness, and most important of all is none other than comfort.  So, what is the right answer to all these questions?

breathable crib mattressFor a parent, there is a good chance that you might’ve heard about it. Yes, the answer is breathable crib mattress.

What Exactly Means that a Mattress is Breathable?

A mattress is called breathable since air permeable sleep surface ensures that a baby sleeps comfortably and safe.

Passive airflow is important not only for a good and healthy sleep, it can save your baby’s life.

  • Safety Issues: breathable crib mattresses are specifically made to fulfill one of the basic requirements, and that is the safety of a baby/toddler.

Babies often tend to sleep face down, and it can cause difficulty in breathing. Even though it is still not clear what causes Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in babies, but one of the ways to prevent SIDS is making your baby sleep on his back.

It is imperative to lay your baby in a position that there is no suffocation or smothering. A breathable mattress is made in such a way that it allows perfect airflow, and eradicates the chances of suffocation.

How Does a Breathable Crib Mattress Work?

Babies can roll into face-down position into the mattress, and it can cause breathing problems.

A breathable mattress works in a way that the upper sleeping surface is perforated; hence it means that the airflow is a continuous process.

The use of organic fabric ensures that the mattress satisfies all the essential elements which are required for comfort and safety of a baby.

For even better results you can remove the cover and let your baby to simply sleep on the surface of the mattress.

With a breathable crib mattress, a baby can sleep at any position, safely.

If the Mattress is Breathable, should the Cover and Sheets be also breathable?

It is important to use cover and sheets that are breathable as well – there is no point in using a breathable mattress if the cover and sheets are too thick to prevent the airflow. The best option is to use natural cotton cover and sheets. It is because natural cotton is highly breathable and quite comfortable. Using waterproof pads or sheets for the mattress is not recommended at all. They prevent the airflow, and they are made of certain materials which are responsible for toxic emissions.

Which one is healthy: Breathable or Non-breathable?

When it comes to safety and comfort of a baby, there is absolutely no denying that a breathable mattress is a better, safer and healthier choice. The reasons are quite convincing since it ensures that there is constant airflow, no overheating and no dust mites, mold, mildew, or germs. It is healthy for your baby to sleep on a mattress which guarantees safety, and comfort.

What to Look for When Choosing a Crib Mattress for Your Baby/Toddler

  • First of all, you need to check that whether the mattress is too much soft or not. It is recommended that never go for a mattress which is too soft – it can cause SIDS. Always go for the firmer one.
  • The right size – the mattress has to fit in the crib.
  • Look for a mattress that has a venting feature in it to avoid mold and the bad smell.
  • The mattress has to be lightweight to be easier for you to change sheets.

Advantages of Using a Breathable Crib Mattress

Here are some of the most enticing and decisive benefits of using a crib mattress that is breathable:

  • Reduced Chances of Suffocation

According to studies, it can be harmful to a baby’s health if he is sleeping face down. The issue is that even though you place your baby in the crib on his back, at night, the baby will roll over and might sleep into a facedown position. It can become dangerous if it sustains for too long. The design of the mattress is the key because if the baby is sleeping on a mattress that is solid, but not perforated, then there are chances of suffocation. A breathable mattress enables a baby to breathe through the air permeable sleep surface, and it reduces the chances of suffocation.

  • Fewer Chances of Sweating

We all know how a traditional mattress can cause your body to overheat and sweat. This is not the case with a mattress that is breathable. It is because of the fact that the constant airflow ensures that there is no heat trapped between our bodies and the surface of the mattress. This trapped heat is one of the major reasons behind overheating of babies.

  • Reduced Bacteria and Mold

A traditional mattress can easily become a home to mold, germs and bed mites. It is not the case with an air permeable sleep surface mattress. Normally, mold and germs are present in places that are mostly wet. The perforation in the surface means that there won’t be an accumulation of moisture. We all know how much important moisture is in the growth of mold.

A breathable crib mattress can be dried without much hassle, and it is not possible for mold to grow. You can easily remove the upper sleep surface and wash it in a washing machine just like any other clothes.

  • No Use of any Bed Sheets

The surface area is already comfortable enough that there is absolutely no need of using bed sheets. You can wash the surface area and have it fully dried in a short time. It still depends on you whether you and your baby are comfortable with bed sheets or not.

All in all, one thing is for certain that your baby needs a good sleep, but there are other curial factors as well such as safety, germ-protection, overheating of the body etc. A traditional mattress can never fulfill all the requirements. That is why a breathable mattress is a great option for parents who are in a need of a sleeping solution that provides safety and comfort at the same time.