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  • How does a new mother get back her shape without giving up precious time with her baby?

    In Baby Om, authors Laura Staton and Sarah Perron – both dancers, yoga instructors, and moms themselves – answer the new mother’s need for a calming and rigorous way to align and strengthen her body while having fun with her baby. Based on their popular New York classes of the same name, Baby Om takes mothers through a yoga practice they can do with their infants – anytime and anywhere. The techniques help new mothers enjoy the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga, allowing them to nurture themselves as well as their babies. This easy-to-use book includes:

    Baby Om basics – the practical information you need to get started

    Baby Engagement:  How to enhance your babies evolving movement patterns and support motor development through shared play.

    Four step-by-step Baby Om classes – each concentrating on a unique stage in your child’s development

    The beautiful illustrations and photographs in Baby Om capture the intimate sharing between mother and child, and create a visual model for how to achieve the poses at home. Safe, effective, and easy to learn, Baby Om brings mother and baby together, ensuring the health and happiness of both.

    • “It is a great way to get back your yoga practice and the best part is you are including your baby.”

      - Addison
    • “The instructions are clear and easy to follow and the pictures are beautiful!”

      Dave Holifield
    • “Also included is a Chapter on the Birth Process itself, written from a very realistic and open point of view.”

      Julie Jordan Scott
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