• Baby Om was founded in 1999 by Sarah Perron and Laura Staton. As yoga teachers, professional dancers and most importantly, new mothers, they sought ways to share their love of movement with their babies.

    Practicing yoga has proved to be a wonderful, effective way to heal women’s postpartum bodies and get back in shape while also offering time for play and closeness with their babies. Baby Om grew to be a thriving community with over 14 classes a week in Manhattan and Brooklyn, spawning and inspiring a new generation of mommy and baby yoga classes.

    Fueled by the growing success and with a desire to reach a broader group, including new mothers who did not have access to Baby Om classes, in 2003, their book, Baby Om: Yoga for Mothers and Babies, was published by Henry Holt and Co. Having created a new standard, Baby Om was featured in countless media: The Wayne Brady Show, Martha Stewart Living, Time Out NY, The Village Voice and Yoga Journal among many others. More than 10 years later it is still on the shelves as the leading “how to” for mother & baby yoga and among the top 3 in search results (often first).

    With the popularity of the classes, demand for more teachers grew and Baby Om Teacher Training evolved. Sarah and Laura have taught hundreds of women in the Tri-State area, expanding both nationally and internationally. Many of the New York-based teachers have in fact been trained by Baby Om. Sarah and Laura have been invited to teach in Japan, Hawaii, Australia, the United Kingdom and other locations throughout the United States. Their trainings attract students from all walks of life, from yoga teachers and health professionals to women interested for their own personal growth to those seeking a fun and engaging way to further bond with their babies.

    Baby Om continues to be the Gold Standard of mommy and baby yoga. Baby Om classes are smart, engaging and fun. They emphasize safety for mother and baby; with motor-learning and tummy time for baby and asanas designed for the post partum body for mom. Adapted to changing needs, Baby Om includes asana sequences for post-partum depression and the Cesarean mom.

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    Laura Staton, Co-founder

    Laura is the co-founder of Baby Om, yoga for mothers and babies and has loved working with women in all stages of parenthood since 1999. Laura’s interest in using yoga as a healing modality stemmed from the influence yoga had in her own life and from her shared exploration with Sarah about the benefits of yoga for all ages, including babies.



    Sarah Perron, Co-founder

    Sarah Perron is a co-founder of Baby Om, yoga for mothers and babies. She has brought the therapeutic benefits of yoga to women in all phases of life and especially enjoys working with them through their child-bearing years.

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